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Unforgettable experiences are everywhere in Vietnam! There’s the sublime: gazing over a surreal seascape of limestone islands from the deck of a traditional junk in Halong Bay. The ridiculous: taking 10 minutes just to cross the street through a tsunami of motorbikes in Hanoi.


Geography plays a crucial role, with Chinese flavours influencing the soups of the north, spices sparking up southern cuisine, and herbs and complex techniques typifying the central coastline, rightly renowned as Vietnam’s epicurean hot spot. And up and down the country you can mingle with villagers, sample local dishes and sip rice wine in Vietnam's many regional markets.


The maximum monthly installments (excl. insurance) under the given quotation for a term of 18 months is Rs 1,692. Application is subject to credit assessment at Cim Finance. Deposit payment is required at Itineris.




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