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Dumbo isn't the only elephant that needs saving. Travel by private mini van (not in the trunk) to the Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital and witness the awesome work these guys do on a daily basis
Bike? Check. Shades? Check. Wind in your hair? Check. Sukhothai's Historical Park is the kind of dreamscape you don't have to wake up from. Unless the park closes that is
Swing 'til your winning and zip through the canopies at Flight of the Gibbon, an optional activity that will get your heart racing. This is just another brilliant excuse to act like a cheeky little monkey
Feel like one of the locals on an overnight train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Grab some snacks from the on-board vendors, utilise your phrase book and embrace this unique journey
The maximum monthly installments (excl. insurance) under the given quotation for a term of 18 months is Rs 897. Application is subject to credit assessment at Cim Finance. Deposit payment is required at Itineris. 
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